The main CPS library has been sold for donations, however a few books remain and are available to view at workshops.

We do not charge members for borrowing items from the libraries, but please ensure that you return them in a timely fashion so that other members may benefit from the books as well. Remember to sign any books in and out so that we know where they are.

Thank you

The wife of the late CPS member Augusto Fiorani kindly donated all his calligraphy books to The Cinque Ports Scribes. These are held as a separate library by Els Van Den Steen and may also be borrowed by members

Please contact Els or a committee member if you wish to borrow a particular book.

Format: Title, Author

Advanced Calligraphy Techniques, Diana Hoare

Alphabet and Elements of Lettering – The, Frederic W Goudy

Alphabet at Work, William Gardner

Anatomy of letters – The, Charles Pearce

Annals of Printing, W T Berry & H E Poole

Art of Calligraphy – The, Marie Angel

Art of Colour Calligraphy – The, Mary Noble & Adrian Waddington

Art of Fine Lettering – The, Sister Michaeline Lesiak

Art of Illuminated Lettering & Heraldry – The, Barbara Bundy

Art of Limming – The, Pub SSI

Artist & Alphabet – 20th Century Calligraphy

Beautiful Alphabet – The, Johannes Muess

Beginner’s Guide to Calligraphy, Janet Mehigan & Mary Noble

Beyone Words – Exhibition catalogue, University of Sunderland

Black Letter Primer – Gothic Letters, Paul Shaw

Book Illumination in the Middle Ages, Otto Pacht

Book of Formal Scripts – A, John Woodcock

Book of Kells – The, Bernard Meehan

Book of Scripts – A (2 copies 1960 & 1977), Alfred Fairbank

Books Boxes and Portfolios, Franz Zeier

Brush Lettering – An instructional manual, Marilyn Reaves & Eliza Schulte

Calligrapher’s Bible – The, David Harris

Calligrapher’s Dictionary – The, Rose Folsom

Calligraphy – easel does it, Nancy Ouchida-Howells

Calligraphy for the beginner, Tom Gourdie

Calligrapher’s Handbook – The, Heather Child

Calligraphy in Graphic Arts, Michael Harvey

Calligraphy: Inspiration Innovation Communication, David Harris

Calligraphy of Lloyd J Reynolds – The, Gunderson & Lehman

Calligraphic Swash Italics, Arthur Baker

Calligraphy Manual – The, Arthur Baker

Calligraphy of the Middle Ages – How to, Marc Drogin

Calligraphy Sample – The, Charles Pearce

Calligraphy – Stroke by Stroke, Annie Moring

Calligraphy Teacher’s Manual – A, Cape Calligraphy Teacher’s Guild

Calligraphy Techniques to get you started, Maureen Sullivan

Calligraphy Techniques, John Lancaster

Calligraphy Today (1976), Heather Child

Calligraphy, Claude Mediavilla

Calligraphy Art and Colour, Peter Halliday

Calligraphy Illumination & Heraldry, Patricia Lovett

Calligraphy  A guide to Hand Lettering, Margaret Morgan

Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Painting, Carl Nordenfalk

Celtic Art: Methods of Construction, George Bain

Celtic Calligraphy, Vivien Lunniss

Celtic Design & Ornament for Calligraphers, Jack Mackinder

Celtic Design: A Beginner’s Manual, Aidan Meehan

Celtic Design: Illuminated Letters, Aidan Meehan

Celtic Design: Knotwork, Aidan Meehan

Celtic Hand – Stroke by Stroke, Arthur Baker

Celtic Illumination, Courtney Davis

Celtic Illumination: The Irish School, Courtney Davis

Celtic Knots, Aidan Meehan

Character – The, John Stevens

Complete Calligrapher – The, Frederick Wong

Complete Guide to Heraldry – A, A C Fox-Davies

Contemporary British Lettering (1984), Michael Taylor Rare Books

Copybook of Renaissance Calligraphy, Arthur Baker

Craft of Calligraphy – The, Dorothy Mahoney

Creative Calligraphy (Instructions & Alphabets), Hermann Zapf

Creative Calligraphy, Marie Lynskey

Creative Lettering & Calligraphy, Peter Halliday

Creative Lettering Today, Michael Harvey

Creative Stroke – The, Richard Emery

Draw your own Celtic Designs, David James

Encyclopedia of Calligraphy & Illumination – The, Janet Mehigan & Mary Noble

Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques – The, Diana Hardy Wilson

Examples of Handwriting 1550-1650, W S B Buck

F W Tamblyn’s Home Instructor in Penmanship, Pub: Ziller

Formal Penmanship & Other pages, Edward Johnston

Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting, Richard Marks & Nigel Morgan

Guide to Heraldry – A, Ottfriend Neubecker

Hand Lettering for Crafts, Sandra Salamony

Handbook for students of Calligraphy, David Nicholls

Handmade Books and Albums, Mary Ryst

Handwriting for Today, Tom Gourdie

Handwriting in America: A Cultural History, Tamara Plakins Thornton

Handwriting: Everyone’s Art, Timothy Wilcox & Ewan Clayton

Historical Scripts (Classical to Renaissance), Stan Knight

Historical Source Book for Scribes – The, M Brown & P Lovett

History & Technique of Lettering – The, Alexander Nesbitt

Now to become a professional Calligrapher, Stuart David

Humanistic Script of the 15th & 16th Centuries, Fairbank & Hunt

Illuminated Alphabet – The, Timothy Noad

Illuminated Manuscripts exhibited in Grenville, Published by British Library

Italian Manuscripts in the Library of Mjr Abbey, Alexander & de la Mare

Italian Renaissance Illuminations, J J G Alexander

Italic Letters: Calligraphy & Handwriting, Inga Dubay & Barbara Getty

Italic Notebook – An, Abraham Lincoln

Italic Writing – a concise guide, W M Aaron

Lessons in Formal Writing, Edward Johnston

Lettercraft, John R Biggs

Lettering, Graily Hewitt

Letters, James Hutchinson

Letters Lines Images, International Exhibition Catalogue

Lindesfarne Gospels – The, Janet Backhouse

Long Tradition – The, Oxford Scribes

Manual of Calligraphy – A, Peter Taylor

Mastering Calligraphy, Timothy Noad

Medieval Calligraphy, Marc Drogin

Medieval Rural Life in Luttrell Psalter, Janet Backhouse

Messiah, Timothy Botts

Miniature dei corali per il Duomo di Siena, Enzo Carli

Modern Scribes & Lettering Artists 1 (1980), Pub: Cassell

Modern Scribes & Lettering Artists 2 (1986), Pub: Trefoil Books

More than Fine Writing: Irene Wellington, Child Collins Hechle & Jackson

Mystic Art of Written Forms – The, Frederich Neugebauer

Of the Just Shaping of Letters, Albrecht Durer

One Hundred Great Calligraphy Tips, Judy Kastin

Pages from Illuminated Lettering, Archibald Knox

Paint your own Illuminated Letters, Stefan Oliver

Painted Labyrinth – Lindesfarne Gospels, Michelle Brown

Painting with Words, Donald Jackson

Pen Lettering, Ann Camp

Pointed Brush Writing Manual, Fran Strom

Practical Calligraphy, John Nash & Gerald Fleuss

Practical Gilding, Peter & Ann MacTaggart

Practical Guide to Calligraphy, Rosemary Sassoon

Painting for Calligraphers, Marie Angel

Primio Belle Lettre Awards, Ed: Carlo Buffa

Roman Lettering, L C Evetts

Roman Writing Tables from Vindolanda – The, Alan K Bowman

Scribe (A scribe’s notebook), George L Thomson

Scribes & Illuminators, Christopher de Hamel

Scribes & Sources (Chancery Hand), Osley & Wolpe

Scripsit: Winter 1999 Vol 21 No2, Washington Calligraphers Guild

Script Lettering for Artists, Tommy Thompson

Secreta (3 methods of laying gold leaf), Joyce Grafe

Sixty Alphabets, Gunnlaugur S E Brienn

Spencarian Penmanship, Pub: Mott Media

Spencarian Script & Ornamental Penmanship, Michael Sull

Spirit of Calligraphy – The, Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild

Starting Calligraphy, Tom Barnard

Step by Step Calligraphy, Susan Hufton

Step by Step Creative Calligraphy, John Smith

Teach Calligraphy? Who me?, Betty J Locke

Teach yourself Calligraphy, Patricia Lovett

Technique of Copperplate Calligraphy – The, Gordon Turner

Technique of Raised Gilding – The, Jerry Tresser

Three Classics of Italian Calligraphy, Dover Publications

Uncommon Numbers Manual – The, Ed: Brenda Casey

Unfolding of Letterforms (1st – 15th Century), Rutherford Aris

Universal Penman – The, George Bickham

Usborne Complete Book of Calligraphy, Caroline Young

Wedding (invitations announcements etc), Bette Matthews

William Gardner’s Book of Calligraphy

Written Letters – 22 Alphabets for Calligraphers, Jaqueline Svaren

Written Letters – 33 Alphabets for Calligraphers, Jaqueline Svaren